Eat Here Now: The Roadhouse

Those little out-of-the-way spots that you might not find unless you’re an insider provide the kind of authentic experiences that make a holiday special. The Roadhouse, a five minute drive or 15 minute cycle from the Atlantic, is the perfect example. It’s not in the middle of town, there’s no WiFi, and it doesn’t do decaf or Coca Cola, which is exactly why we like it. Run by a collective of young, passionate locals, they’re a discerning bunch who believe in feeding their friends the best local, organic, seasonal produce, dished-up in hearty wholesome portions with lashings of flavour. Most of the inventive menu comes via the daily rotating specials board, but the legendary fish tacos have earned a permanent spot at lunchtime. The Roady is healthy without being squeaky clean, so you can get your cold-pressed juice, sauerkraut and turmeric tonics in alongside a good dose of Allpress coffee and whiskey cocktails. There’s morning muffins, but they’re gluten-free and made from scratch. There’s wine but it’s mostly from natural producers. Vegans and paleo types unite around the casual indoor and outside seating areas, where you can get your lattes on organic cows or homemade coconut cashew milk. It’s a buzzy place packed with a mix of twenty-something cool kids, visiting foodies and local fixtures, where the music is bluesy and you order at the bar. If you’re looking for a quintessentially Byron experience or simply a really good feed, make sure The Roadhouse is on your list.