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Creative Escape – Sold out

Connecting to nature through art and creativity, feeling a sense of energetic flow and leaving The Atlantic with something to cherish forever more – these were the guiding thoughts that brought about the Creative Escape Workshop with celebrated artist Zimmi Forest.     “It’s a special experience when we turn something constructively discarded in nature, once it’s done it’s job, into......[more]

Byron Bay Community Markets

Byron Community Markets

This is the regions biggest market covering several acres and over 300 stalls. Needless to say it has it all. A melting pot of Artisans, musicians, farmers, bakers, masseuses, therapists, entertainers and craftsman. Join locals and visitors alike as you experience the colour and creative pulse of Byron. A unique array of wares from the exotic to the organic. Take......[more]

Farmers Markets

Byron Farmers Markets

The Byron Farmers market began as a dream. An inspiration from local farmers, growers, environmentalists and families. Join them in this weekly ritual and get there early. Locally grown and mostly organic it’s an uplifting experience chatting with the vendors and hand picking fabulous flowers, fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices. Enjoy a strolling breakfast of freshly baked pastries and tantalizing......[more]