Spaces: Atlantic Outdoors

Unless the rain is beating down and you’re cosying up with a glass of red and a DVD, spend your time outdoors at the Atlantic. There are a host of outdoor experiences and relaxation areas, where you can avoid the crowds while still soaking up the sun in your own private oasis. Or equip yourself with our complimentary surf board,......[more]

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In Store: Salvage Public

Surf culture is in our blood, and while we are blessed to have the beaches of Byron Bay as our backyard, we’re inspired by wave-riding cultures across the globe. We fell in love with Salvage Public, a collection of their 100% organic cotton tees,  proudly made in Hawaii by Hawaiians, now in-stock at the Atlantic store. The tees feature witty,......[more]

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Eat Here Now : Fleet

Be sure to book in advance for this inventive and impeccable dining experience that is truly something special. With just one communal table (that doubles as a bar) and a couple of extra spots for two, Fleet is an intimate and imaginative dining experience with an ever-changing menu of artful, produce-centric small plates and a whimsical selection of natural wines......[more]

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