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Californian Home + Design

The Atlantic recently featured on Californian Home + Design. Design Destination: The Atlantic Byron Bay – By Abigail Stone “You don’t have to be a surfer to love Australia’s Byron Bay. Along with its impressive swells, the area offers incredible nature preserves, a laid-back bohemian lifestyle and a varied, international community. Smack in the heart of this vibrant blend of......[more]


Sunsets & Surfboards

What’s new…. SURFBOARDS ! It’s all waiting for you at The Atlantic. Complimentary surfboards and SUPs are now available for Atlantic guests. Settle into your room, grab a board and hit the ocean to make the most of our year-round surf. The summer crowds have gone and you can enjoy those breaks all to yourself.......[more]

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@atlantic instagram

Just in case you were wondering…. It’s silver on the inside too. #airstream #dreaming #atlantic #byronbay......[more]

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