Eat Here Now : Fleet

Be sure to book in advance for this inventive and impeccable dining experience that is truly something special. With just one communal table (that doubles as a bar) and a couple of extra spots for two, Fleet is an intimate and imaginative dining experience with an ever-changing menu of artful, produce-centric small plates and a whimsical selection of natural wines......[more]

The Albatross Inn

The Albatross Inn a the Atlantic is inspired by travels through California, Arizona and Mexico, bringing a touch of desert oasis to this seaside town.  An idyllic hideaway for those who like to layback and lounge in a private courtyard, complete with Moroccan tiled outdoor shower, hanging chair and daybed—the perfect spot to wash off the salt and soak up the sun.......[more]

The Simple Room

Unplug, explore and kick back. In our Simple rooms you can enjoy all the Atlantic has to offer like the lap pool, petanque field, surfboards, tropical gardens, kitchens and the fire pit without breaking the budget. Simple rooms are understated shelters with surf shack style, each a little different, casual and cosy with a small private ensuite. Dump your bag......[more]

The American Airstream

The Atlantic is a glamping pioneer with its on-site American Airstream Trailer, made for the spontaneous and adventurous traveller. Long time California dreamers with a collection of books on Airstream travel, the Atlantic owners fell in love with the 2007 Ocean Breeze while on vacation on the American West Coast, and shipped the camper back to Byron Bay as a......[more]

Eat Here Now: St Elmo

Young, vibrant local couple Tom and Angela welcome you into their buzzy Spanish tapas joint with warm smiles, eclectic cocktails and a share plate menu perfect for nibbling or feasting. A touch of city sophistication in the centre of this sleepy beach town, you can feel like a New Yorker sitting up at the tiled bar with a whisky sour,......[more]

Pampa Rugs & Cushions

We feel very blessed to be working with the amazing couple from Pampa, a homegrown business based in the Byron Bay hinterland (Bangalow). They are photographers – one from Argentina, the other from Australia – who share two worlds, two visions and two cultures.  Every year they explore some of Argentina’s most remote indigenous communities, always with a camera in hand......[more]

Eat Here Now: The Roadhouse

Those little out-of-the-way spots that you might not find unless you’re an insider provide the kind of authentic experiences that make a holiday special. The Roadhouse, a five minute drive or 15 minute cycle from the Atlantic, is the perfect example. It’s not in the middle of town, there’s no WiFi, and it doesn’t do decaf or Coca Cola, which is......[more]

Where to wander : The Pass Lookout

A long, leisurely stroll along the beach, best taken at low tide. Walk from the Atlantic along Main Beach onto Clarke’s, and end up at The Pass. Climb the stairway to Fisherman’s Lookout for a panoramic ocean view and watch the surfers below take on one of Byron’s busiest surf breaks. (Approx 2.1km; 1hr round-trip from the Atlantic).    ......[more]

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