Emma Gale Byron Bay Artist

A wonderful little chat with artist Emma Gale

Let’s step back a little while, to your beginnings as an artist, were you born into an artistic family, did you sit on the sidelines while the other kids played team sports, or did you do both? I have always been creative … always creating always drawing… no, my family wasn’t creative, it was only me – not sure where......[more]

Byron Bay Peanut Butter

Byron Bay Peanut Butter

  Friend of the Atlantic Mr Jason Grant interviews Tim and James from Byron Bay Peanut Butter.   I’ve known Tim and James since way before we all moved here to Byron Bay and way before they created their business; Byron Bay Peanut Butter. Here is a little insight into a chat we had recently about all things Byron and......[more]

Byron Bay Muesli

Byron Bay Macadamia Muesli

  If you don’t mind, let’s first start by getting to know yourself Gary, and your wife Emma, to understand the personal story that brought you guys to where you are today?   Emma & I met in Sydney, married and moved to Byron 20 years ago. I left behind a career in the manufacturing and retailing of womens clothing,......[more]

Sheree Commerford Atlantic Byron Bay

Sheree Commerford

It’s always such a pleasure to see your smiling face here at The Atlantic, it gets us to thinking though, how many times have you been now? To be honest I have stopped counting. It has been eight years since we first came here and over time it is more like a visit home to see family than staying at......[more]

atlantic byron bay daily bar

The Daily Bar

We love The Daily Bar for so many reasons, the ingredients, the beautiful packaging, the sustainability, the social awareness, the storytelling, would you mind telling us the story of how the brand came about and why all these parts are so important to its dna?   Essentially we’re trying to promote a lifestyle that encompasses all these things, a conscious,......[more]

Atlantic Byron Bay The Pass

15 Things to love about Autumn

  1, 2, 3 & 4 : BEACHES   This kind of goes without saying right? To say that our local beaches are amazing would be an understatement. Byron Bay has a magnetic pull that most definitely comes from the ocean, beautiful water meets unique and awe inspiring land formations for as far as the eye can see. The Bay......[more]

Surfrider Malibu Atlantic Byron Bay

People of The Atlantic – The Surfrider Malibu

  In short, tell us a little bit about yourselves?   Matthew and I are husband and wife. Matt’s Californian, I’m Australian, originally from not-so-little-anymore Brisbane, with a family farm in Federal. I moved to NYC at 21… well actually, I took a 6 week holiday and never went home. 11 years and counting. NYC is where Matt & I......[more]

Creative Escape – Sold out

Connecting to nature through art and creativity, feeling a sense of energetic flow and leaving The Atlantic with something to cherish forever more – these were the guiding thoughts that brought about the Creative Escape Workshop with celebrated artist Zimmi Forest.     “It’s a special experience when we turn something constructively discarded in nature, once it’s done it’s job, into......[more]

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