The Byron experience is not complete without a visit to one of the regions craft and produce markets. The Byron Shire is one of huge social diversity and the local markets play a key role in the culture of the area. These markets are not only where beautiful locally grown produce and exciting and exotic wares can be found but also a way of experiencing and supporting the community. They have become a place where people meet, where recipes are swapped, where new and exciting exotic crafts and artisans can be found. They have become the showcase for the musically talented, for holistic and alternate views, for those wanting a different way of life. Be sure to save some time in your schedule for an early morning stroll around one of the farmers markets sipping on a special blend of home grown chai or a day at one of the art and craft markets listening to music, meeting friends and experiencing the Byron way of life.


  • Exterior Photo of Family at Byron Bay Markets


    This is the regions biggest market covering several acres and over 300 stalls. Needless to say it has it all. A melting pot of Artisans, musicians, farmers, bakers, masseuses, therapists, entertainers and craftsman. Join locals and visitors alike as you experience the colour and creative pulse of Byron. A unique array of wares from the exotic to the organic. Take your time to discover something a litte bit out of the ordinary.
    First Sunday of every month, 8am-4pm. More info:

  • Exterior Crowd Photo of Bangalow Markets


    Like all things Bangalow, this is a village-esque style market. Stalls sit under the shade of rustling camphor laurel and weeping fig tree's setting a picturesque scene for a pleasant day shopping. Join numerous day-trippers who make the scenic pilgrimage to Bangalow to browse wares from local jewellers, designers, artists and food vendors. Head on over to Byron Street, a largely nineteenth-century streetscape of tall verandahed buildings where you will be spoilt for choice discovering designer boutiques, home wares, and international objects d'art. Fourth Sunday of every month, 9am-3pm @ Bangalow Showground. More info:

  • Exterior Photo of Family at Mullumbimby Markets


    A picturesque country town nestled at the foot of Mount Chincogan, "Mullum" Museum Markets have become renowned for showcasing productive artisans, crafts-folk and fine-artists. An alternate scene popular in the seventies with surfers and hippies, the town has managed to maintain it's mellow vibe showcasing a unique fusion of rural and alternate lifestyles. Join spiritual seekers, permaculturists and those who have escaped the city looking for a different way of life.
    Third Saturday of every month 7.30am-3pm @ South end Stuart Street, Mullumbimby

  • Exterior Photo of Musician at Channon Markets


    Australia's oldest running art and craft market, The Channon was first conceptualised in 1976 under the still strongly held ethic "Make It, Bake It, Grow It". Join visitors both local and afar who verge on the thousands to this normally peaceful village to experience this iconic craft market. The most colourful and vibrant in the country, while away the hours as you meander around the perimeter stalls. Get your fortune told, seek advice from spiritual healers, listen to musicians under the marquee and try the local treats alfresco style.
    Second Sunday of every month, 9am-3pm @ Coronation Park, The Channon.
    More info:


  • Exterior Photo of Fruit and Vegitables Seller at Byron Bay Farmers Market


    The Byron Farmers market began as a dream. An inspiration from local farmers, growers, environmentalists and families. Join them in this weekly ritual and get there early. Locally grown and mostly organic it's an uplifting experience chatting with the vendors and hand picking fabulous flowers, fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices. Enjoy a strolling breakfast of freshly baked pastries and tantalizing organic coffee. Remember to take your own basket and some extra pennies for the morning entertainment. A perfect way to start the day.
    Every Thursday 7am-11am @ Butler Street Reserve.
    More info:

  • Exterior Crowd Photo of Bangalow Farmers Market


    Just like the town itself these markets offer the village experience. An extension of the Byron Bay Farmers market, here you will find twenty stalls of culinary treasures creating a more boutique type of produce market. Shop for prawns farmed in the Ballina river, sugar cane juiced onsite, cuts of beef raised in the hills behind Byron and raw honey, olives and fresh cheeses. Yet another reason to spend the day in the beautiful town of Bangalow.
    Every Saturday 7am-11am @ Bangalow Pub car park off Byron Street.

  • Exterior Photo of Fruit and Veggie Seller at Bangolow Farmers Market


    Looking for a more alternate food experience then head to the "Mullum" Farmers Market. This has become the local hangout for the vibrant and colorful community on a Friday morning. Here you will find a more inventive type of local produce. Dips and spreads, beeswax, orchids, chickens even duck. Enjoy the music of local buskers and help support the local growers and community in making these markets sustainable for the long term.
    Every Friday 7am-11am @ Mullumbimby Showground, 51 Arms Road, Mullumbimby.
    More info: