Helicopter 2

For those seeking some adventure on their Byron Bay escape, there are plenty of options on offer. From above, drift gently in a hot air balloon, duck and weave in a helicopter, soar like an eagle hang gliding or tandem parachuting. For those who like their feet firmly on the ground challenge yourself to a picturesque game of golf nearby on 120 acres of coastal habitat or a walk up to the Lighthouse. Feed your adventurous spirit and master mountain bike riding through sub tropical rainforest and white sand beaches. Do something you would never dream of doing and take that unforgettable leap of faith from a circus trapeze or find your sea legs as your world stands still watching the migration of the magnificent humpback whale. Have a mind altering experience kayaking alongside a school of dolphins and other wondrous creatures of the deep blue. Or simply do what the locals do day in day out and take a ride of a lifetime becoming one with the ocean and mastering those beautiful waves during one of the many surf school lessons.

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