Byron Bay is one of those rare magical places that have an indescribable feeling to it. A feeling that keeps you coming back again and again. Famously known for it’s eclectic mix of surfing culture, bohemian lifestyle and international flavour, Byron’s true trademark is her beauty. As the sun rises over this rugged Australian coastline the ocean crystallizes and the white sand shimmers. Dolphins share the morning line up while whales shadow the headland looking for home. The sky is blue and the air is fresh and there is nowhere else to be.

Byron Bays heart and soul are the beaches that surround her.  The heady mix of shimmering white sands, crystal clear turquoise blue waters and lush tropical headlands have made Byron’s beaches world famous. Stretching between the headlands of Northern New South Wales and wrapping around the country’s most easterly point, Byron Shire offers 30km of beaches ranging from the busy patrolled beaches near town to isolated coves and dog friendly beaches all within a 10-15min drive.

Surf legendary breaks, experience oceanfront dining or swimming and kayaking with the dolphins and whales. Time with friends, time alone. Sun on your face and sand underfoot. There is something here for everyone.

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